First 12 Cosmonauts Bios, Photos & Signatures
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Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov


Born: 16 March 1927 at Moscow
Call sign: Ruby
Flights: Voskhod 1, 12 October 1964
Soyuz 1, 23 April 1967
Flight time: 2:03:05
Family: Valentina Yakovlevna. One daughter, Irena. One son, Yevgeny
Rank: Colonel-Engineer
Died: 24 April 1967


Komarov was a fighter pilot before his first space flight. This was as commander of Voskhod 1, launched 12 October 1964. Along with Feoktistov & Yegorov, he formed part of the first multi-crewed space mission. No space-suits were worn on the flight. The flight lasted 1 day and 17 minutes.
Komarov's last flight was on Soyuz 1, launched on 23 April 1967. He was unable to manoeuvre the space-craft because a solar panel failed to deploy, causing problems. He was able to successfully complete a manual retrofire on re-entry. The main chute became tangled with the drag chute and the space-craft crashed bursting into flames. The flight lasted 1 day 2 hours and 48 minutes.
A very tragic end. Komarov was the first person to die on a space mission.